Frequently Asked Questions

TFOC has certified of quality management ISO 9001 from international auditor BVQI and Thailand auditor MASCI. We also have qualification test to verify our design and product quality every year.

TFOC always review our design of optical fiber cable which best and suitable for each customer in each application. We get fully support from The Furukawa Electric Co.,Ltd. Japan (Mostly optical fiber supplier in Japan and the World) and OFS worldwide company.

Because EFLEX has a special properties such as :

1. Easy to bend.
2. Available in continuous Lengths.
3. Light - weight.
4. Mechanically Strong.
5. Highly Corrosion and Weather Resistant.
6. Safe
7. Allows Easy Cable Pull-in.
8. Highly Reliable
9. Economical.

Because PFLEX-CD has a special properties such as : 

 1. Continuous Length.
 2. Light Weight.
 3. High Flexibility.
 4. Small friction Coefficient.
 5. Flame Retardant for PFLEX-CD-FR
 6. High corrosion resistant.
 7. No special tool requirement.
 8. Non-magnetic and nonconductive.
 9. No measure necessary for thermal expansion
10. Noise free 
11. Easy to fit accessories.
12. Economical.